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Activated Carbon for Carwash Wastewater Treatment

April 24, 2024
As a porous adsorbent material with a large surface area and high adsorption capacity, activated carbon can adsorbate organic matter, surfactants, oil and grease, and other harmful substances in water. Therefore, activated carbon is often used in car wash wastewater treatment to reduce the discharge of dangerous substances and heavy metals.

The Hardness of Carwash Wastewater

As the number of automobiles increases, so does the problem posed by car wash wastewater. Car wash wastewater contains organic matter, oils and grease, and chemicals that can have serious impacts on water bodies, soil and organisms.
First of all, car wash wastewater contains oil and grease, surfactants and other chemicals. Surfactants discharged into water bodies can cause water pollution and eutrophication, destroying the water ecosystem and thus affecting the survival and reproduction of organisms in the water.
Secondly, the chemicals in car wash wastewater will pollute groundwater resources once they penetrate into the aquifer. Since groundwater is one of the sources of drinking water for human beings, its pollution will directly threaten the safety of human drinking water.
Moreover, car wash wastewater flows into the soil, where the chemicals in it penetrate the soil layers and can lead to soil contamination, thus affecting soil fertility and ecosystems and hindering plant growth.
Therefore, car wash wastewater treatment is an essential task. Car washing wastewater treatment can not only reduce the pollution of water resources, protect surface water and groundwater, but also maintain the ecological balance. Most importantly, it can reduce the harm of pollutants in car wash wastewater to human body.

Advantages of Activated Carbon in Wastewater Treatment

Choosing the right technology is very important for treating car wash wastewater because it is not only related to the balance of human life and ecosystem, but also affects the development of the environment. Activated carbon has significant advantages as an efficient, economical and environmentally friendly adsorbent material.
  • Excellent Adsorption Capacity: activated carbon has a very high specific surface area and rich pore structure, which provides it with excellent adsorption capacity, enabling it to effectively adsorb pollutants such as organics, oil, and grease, and detergents in car wash wastewater.
  • Odor Removal activated carbon can adsorb the unpleasant and pungent odor in car wash wastewater, making it cleaner and not affecting the air.
  • Low Cost activated carbon treatment is less costly than other car wash wastewater treatment technologies, and activated carbon can be regenerated, which can reduce operating costs.
  • Environmentally FriendlyActivated carbon is a natural adsorbent that does not cause secondary pollution to the environment. Meanwhile, it can reduce waste generation due to its renewable characteristics.

Huamei Granular Activated Carbon

Good Solutions to Carwash Wastewater Treatment

As an experienced activated carbon manufacturer, Huamei Company recommends you to use granular activated carbon for car wash wastewater treatment.
coal based granular activated carbon-8x30
Granular activated carbon has a large surface area and can more effectively adsorb organics, grease, and pollutants from car wash wastewater. Due to its granularity, wastewater can pass through its surface more easily, thus accelerating the rate at which pollutants are adsorbed and improving the efficiency of wastewater treatment.
At present, Huamei Company produces HMG-BC™ serie of coal based granular activated carbon for carwash waste water treatment. It is manufactured from anthracite coal by steam activation, which has good absorption and low ash.
4x8, 8x30 mesh
Iodine Number
700 mg/g(min.)
Ash Content
If you have requirements for activated carbon for carwash wastewater treatment, please fill out the form below and we will reply to you within 2 hours.

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