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Gold Mine-Activated Carbon

HMGOLD™ Activated Carbon 

Activated Carbon for Gold Recovery

HMGOLD Activated Carbon is a premium regenerable granular microporous activated carbon manufactured by steam activation from high quality coconut shell charcoal. It is specially designed for high efficiency in gold recovery and elution operations, it exhibits a highly developed pore structure to give optimum adsorption while maintaining high product hardness.
Huamei activated carbon for gold recovery

HMGOLD™6000 Activated Carbon

HMGOLD™7000 Activated Carbon

HMGOLD™7500 Activated Carbon

HMGOLD™PLUS Activated Carbon


  • Enhanced microporous structure
  • Excellent hardness and abrasion
  • Good gold adsorption rates for high throughput
  • low soluble gold losses
  • Low platelet content
  • High volume activity
  • Higher gold loading capacities
  • Rigorously de-dusted


  • Carbon-in-pulp(CIP) circuits
  • Carbon-in-leach(CIL) circuits
  • Carbon-in-column(CIC) circuits

Available Sizes

  • 6x12 mesh
  • 6x16 mesh
  • 8x16 mesh
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HMGOLD™ Activated Carbon Specifications

AppearanceBlack, Granular
Size6x12, 8x16 mesh
Iodine Number1050mg/g1100mg/g1150mg/g1200mg/g
Ash Content3%(max.)3%(max.)3%(max.)3%(max.)
Apparent Density500±30kg/m³490±30kg/m³480±30kg/m³470±30kg/m³

HMGOLD™ Activated Carbon Packaging

Huamei Company can provide you with customized packagings according to your requirements.
  • 25kg/bag
  • 500kg/jumbo bag
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Packaging-HM 25kg bag Activated Carbon
Packaging-25 kg bag Activated Carbon
Packaging-500kg jumbo bag Activated Carbon

HMGOLD™ Activated Carbon Cases

Special-Activated Carbon for Gold Recovery

HMGOLD™7000 Activated Carbon to Benin

Product: Gold Recovery Activated Carbon
Port: Cotonou
Shipment Date: 2023.1.17
Requirements: 6x12Mesh, Iodine1100mg/g
Order Quantity: 15tons
Packing: 25kg bag
Delivery time: 40 days
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