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28 Tons Coal Based Pellet Activated Carbon to Turkey

March 25, 2024
We are excited to share some great news! A shipment of 26 tons of pellet activated carbon is currently on the way to Turkey by sea. This activated carbon has been specifically chosen for its exceptional performance in kitchen fume purification systems for hood filtration.

Detailed Information of Pellet Activated Carbon

Coal Based Pellet Activated Carbon
Hood Filtration System
Ash Content
26 tons
25 kg/ bag
cartridge activated carbon
26 Tons Coal Based Pellet Activated Carbon to Turkey-loading
26 Tons Coal Based Pellet Activated Carbon to Turkey-container

Huamei Pellet Activated Carbon

Good Solution to Hood Filtration Systems

Pellet activated carbon boasts numerous micropores and a large specific surface area, delivering outstanding adsorption performance ideal for gas purification and adsorption. Its effectiveness in adsorbing odors, harmful gases, and pollutants from oil smoke made it the perfect fit for our customer's requirements.
The customer mentioned that the previously purchased activated carbon corroded the cartridges after use. After discussion and research, we found that the customer used regenerated activated carbon, and the chemical substances used in the regeneration process, if not completely removed, may lead to the surface of the activated carbon residual harmful substances, which will make the cartridges rust, and greatly increase the cost. We recommend virgin pellet activated carbon and provide free samples to our customers. The customer was delighted with our products and decisively purchased the activated carbon from our company. 
Of course, customers are also very pleased with the quality of our activated carbon. Our activated carbon has a strong adsorption capacity, no floating ash, and is clean and bubbling vigorously. This dispels customers' doubts and makes them more satisfied with our activated carbon.
If you have requirements for pellet activated carbon for hood filtration systems, please fill out the form below and we will reply to you within 2 hours.

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