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Activated Carbon for Decolorization of Apple Juice

December 7, 2023
As a porous material, activated carbon has a large surface area that provides a large number of adsorption sites, which helps to adsorb macromolecular organic substances. Therefore, activated carbon is often used in the production of food and beverages for decolourisation, removal of odours and impurities, deacidification and degreasing, as well as for water purification. Especially in the production of fruit juices, such as apple juice, activated carbon is an essential material, and its excellent adsorption capacity can effectively remove the colour and impurities in apple juice, which enhances the taste of apple juice.
Apple Juice Production Line

Apple  Juice Production Line

Activated Carbon for Decolorization of Apple Juice

In the production of apple juice, it is necessary to remove not only the basic colours, but also the rod tragacanth, oxidation products, yeasts and various substances that may produce off-flavours during the juice making process.
Activated carbon plays an important role in the decolourization of apple juice:

Removal of natural pigments

Activated carbon can effectively adsorb the natural pigments contained in apple juice through its porous structure, such as carotenoids and anthocyanins to make the juice more transparent.

Removal of patulin

Patulin is a mycotoxin present in apple juice, which is harmful to human body and needs to be removed by activated carbon.

Removal of oxidation products

During the production of apple juice, oxidation reactions may occur, resulting in a brown colour of the juice. Activated carbon can adsorb the oxidation products, so that the apple juice can keep its bright colour.

Remove odours and impurities

Activated carbon can also adsorb odours, tiny particles and impurities, improving the purity, taste and smell of apple juice.
It is very important to choose the right activated carbon for apple juice decolourisation, otherwise it will affect the adsorption effect on apple juice colour and odour. The activated carbon we commonly use for apple juice decolourisation is plant-based powdered activated carbon.
powder activated carbon for lubricant purification

Huamei Powder Activated Carbon

Good Solutions to Decolorization of Apple Juice

Huamei Company has developed a special activated carbon for the decolourisation of apple juice, which is produced by steam activation of wood charcoal and does not affect the aroma and odour of apple juice. Our activated carbon is of high quality but at a competitive price. The pH value of our activated carbon maximises the decolourisation performance of the activated carbon, allowing it to adsorb polyphenols and eliminate oxidised brown colour. And we strictly control its particle size during the production process to keep its high filtration and low abrasion performance.

Wood Based Powder Activated Carbon

Wood based activated carbon powder
Iodine number
1000 mg/g
Methylene blue
Min 27g/100g
Max 10%
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